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A Look At Artificial Intelligence

Research methodology and discoveries >>

In this project I worked with a leading artificial intelligence company that creates intelligent experiences for customers and employees to discover more about how this growing technology fits into our lives. The research conducted helped uncover the themes that surround how people seek help in their lives and how they expect personalized content to be presented. Comparison Site

Project overview and video >>

In one of my final project working at the Bentley User Experience Center I worked on subdomain. We explored a variety of features on the site including the ratings system. We set out to find what features work well and what needs improvement.

LEGO Life Social App

Project highlights and mobile app video >>

Working with LEGO was a real pleasure. They love to have fun, but they're really serious about making great products. While I cannot talk too much about the work that I did I'm happy to share the final product! LEGO Life is what you might call an Instagram/Facebook for kids (and adults) who love LEGO.

Google Chromecast Usability Study

Device Unbox & Setup Usability Study (UX Research Project) >>

The User Friendly team was a project for a testing and assessments course at Bentley University in the Human Factors and Information Design MS program. We gathered 10 participants and visited their homes to study how they would set up the Google Chromecast in their home entertainment systems.

CVS Digital Innvoations

A collection of work for CVS Health and their digital products >>

In my time contracting for CVS Health as a UX Designer within the Digital Innovation Lab I gained valuable experience in concept testing, rapid prototyping and user interface design. I got to work on exciting new spaces in the realm of chatbot and voice technology as well as refining digital experiences within the existing mobile web, desktop and app platforms.

Mathworks MATLAB Prototype

Goals, Process and Protocast Video >>

Sponsored by the Mathworks engineering team, our goal in this project was to create a new tool for student ambassadors to support their role. This prototype was created to demonstrate a solution that fulfills this objective and more.

Mobile Learning Platforms

Mobile device wireframes and concept explanations >>

The goal of this project was to design a learning system that will help motivate internal employees to complete mandatory training pieces using a mobile device. Considering the capabilities and transient nature of the mobile device we decided to come up with two models of learning that incorporated both traditional learning and interactive learning.

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