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Understanding the implications of a healthcare web application ratings system for those in need of help.
October 2016

In one of my final project working at the Bentley User Experience Center I worked on subdomain. We explored a variety of features on the site including the ratings system. We set out to find what features work well and what needs improvement.

The ratings system is built from objective data and has the power to influence decisions in a meaningful way. When you're working in the healthcare field it's important to think about the implications of the design in ways that are much different than the typical web application. Ratings systems must be easy to discover, easy to sort, and most of all easy to understand. People's lives are dependent upon the success of this system. I learned that people in distress need a simple and intuitive system to help them make these decisions with confidence.

  • Immersion into the healthcare field
  • Strategizing ways to make data more consumable
  • Parterning with a government institution that values the work of UX professionals
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