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MatPack Student Ambassador Software

A web-based software to support Mathworks MATLAB student ambassador employees in universities across the world.
December 2016

Sponsored by the Mathworks engineering team, our goal in this project was to create a new tool for student ambassadors to support their role. This prototype was created to demonstrate a solution that fulfills this objective and more. We designed a product that encourages cross-university collaboration, provides feedback mechanisms to help students improve their job performance and facilitates valuable networking opportunities with industry professionals.

My role in the project was lead designer and project manager. In this role I organized team members to work on different parts of the product when work separation was needed. I also created a design pattern library to use in order to create a cohesive look and feel to the user interface. After the project I distributed an anonymized 360 feedback survey to assess my performance as a manager and inform what aspects of leadership I need to improve upon.

How might we create a solution for student ambassadors that is more connected and engaging?

From our problem statement, we used a few design thinking strategies to come up with our final core concepts that achieve a more connected and engaging interface.

We first did a set of brainstorming excercises such as word association and brainwriting. After affinity mapping our concepts together three core concepts emerged.

These three core concepts guided the conceptual model shown.

  • Community of peers
  • Based off of solidarity of going through the same things at the same time
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Browse and create content through community posts

Mentorship Program
  • Networking
  • An older, wiser resource with more experience
  • Advising for career and future endeavours

Survey Center:
  • Visualization of feedback from surveys completed by event attendees
  • Building engagement with students on campus
  • Actionable advice with accessible resources


  • Taking design lead and project management role
  • Facilitating brainstorming solutions
  • Playing to each others' strengths in copywriting, research and design
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